ACM Hacktoberfest

October 17th, 9AM - 9PM CST

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with featured speakers

Rocio Montes

Staff Software Engineer leading Open Source and Inner Source at Intuit, Intuit Office of the Chief Architect, Co-Chair for Grace Hopper Conference’ Open Source Day ‘20, leadership team for San Diego “Girl Develop it” and Co-founder of “Emar”

Rocio Montes

Chandini Portteus

Principal & CEO @ Portteus Consulting, Founding Partner & Chair at US Blockchain Advocacy Partners, President and Executive-in-Residence @ EBW2020 (Empower a billion women by 2020), Former CEO of Livestrong, Wipe Out Kids Cancer and Chief Mission Officer of Susan G. Komen

Chandini Portteus


Experience three awesome tracks!
ACM Track
Looking to gain some experience in contributing to open source? Build and learn from the workshops hosted by all the ACM Divisions! We’ll also be having product launches, industry panels and past contributors to popular open source projects come in to help you get started on your journey.
Student Org Track
Learn from the collective expertise of our partner organizations. Come join us for a series of talks about everything from cloud computing to spreading diversity!
Community Track
When you’re ready to chill and relax, hop into our community track events. Spend some time painting with Bob Ross, making Halloween themed pumpkin art & playing Minecraft with other members. We’re all here to have a good time.


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President of ACM
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Bot Developer & Development Liaison


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Content Writer
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Content Writer
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Saloni Shivdasani
Marketing and Outreach
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Research Liaison
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Projects Liaison
Samuel Nitsch
Projects Liaison
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Community Liaison
Matthew Vu
Community Liaison
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Community Liaison


Vishvak Bandi
Logistics and Content Writer
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Workshop Coordinator
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Community Logistics
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